Thursday, April 13, 2017

Goku vs Freezer

Goku got an army that was big and he got to destroy Freezer city that is made out of ice.  Freezer and his army had ice powers to battle Goku’s army. So they fought to death, one by one Goku’s army got killed  when they were battling.Goku and Freezer were battling. They were battling and battling harder and harder until Goku got killed.Goku almost killed him, but then Freezer could not let his city get destroyed so he stored up and kept  on battling.Freezer and Goku were going for a long time, but Goku got stronger and Freezer almost got killed again. Then he got stronger and kept on battling.  Freezer killed Goku and Freezer city was safe and his people were safe as well.

The end

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  1. I really enjoyed your story but most it doesn't really make scene and I think you can make it a lot better. The story is really inserting but you could more describing words and powerful words and try puts some pictures on